How to Take a Screenshot of Web Page in Google Chrome


Nov 9, 2012
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The screenshot process in Windows is an easy task because the keyboard has a button for it called PrntScr. Just press it and click on the Paste option in MS Paint and you will get the screenshot of your desktop. There are quite a few advanced applications available on the net which help to extend the default print screen feature of Windows. For instance, Snagit is an awesome tool to capture the screenshots in Windows with a number of features. In Windows 8, Microsoft has added a new screenshot feature where you just need to hold down the Windows key and press the Print Screen button. Windows 8 automatically captures the screenshot of the current desktop image and you can save it to the My Pictures folder under User Documents.
All the above features are enough to capture desktop shortcuts but are not sufficient to work with web pages. Most screenshot applications are not able to take full screenshot of a whole web page. But we can do this easily via a Chrome extension called Awesome Screenshot. Awesome Screenshot not only captures the whole page but it also supports multiple features like the option to capture either the whole page or just one portion of it, annotate it with rectangles, circles, arrows, lines and text and blur sensitive info as well.
The webpage capturing process is quite easy – when you install this extension on Google Chrome, it will automatically start appearing in the Chrome Toolbar. Click on the Awesome Screenshot icon from Chrome toolbar and choose any option from Capture Visible Part of Page, Capture Selected Area and Capture Entire Page. When you select any one option, Awesome Screenshot gets to work and captures the screenshot for you. Then it shows the captured image in the editing window from where you can control the captured image properties like blur anything, adding rectangles, circle, notes, etc.
Once you complete all the editing work, click on Done and Awesome Screenshot will open a new window where you can save your screenshot online or on local drive. There are two options available to save it online, Temporarily and Permanently. Both are third party online services and you can use them if your screenshot does not contain any sensitive information. It is much better to save the screenshot on your local drive by pressing the Save button. You can also copy the screenshot image on a clipboard to paste it somewhere else like in MS Word or PowerPoint. To print the captured screenshot, you can use the Print button. Awesome Screenshot also supports keyboard shortcut keys and you can enable them from its Options panel.
Awesome Screenshot is a handy solution to save web pages and far advanced than the basic screenshot feature of Windows. It is simple and I’ll probably use this often as it is a much faster option for a quick and easy grab of any webpage. In all, it is worthy of a try if you are looking for webpage capture tool.
[Install Awesome Screenshot from Google Web Store]