How to unlock android using sms


Jan 22, 2018
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How to unlock android using sms

1-Rooted Android.
2-Android 4.0 or above.

Steps To Set Sms Bypass Lock App
First of all download and install the app Sms Bypass in your android.
Now open the app and give it the permanent superuser(root) access to it and .
The default secret code is 1234 in this app you can change it according yo your wisk like 1111.
Send the Secret code from the other phone with following format secret-code reset, for example : 1111 reset.
Now enable the remote password there.
Thats it your screen security will get bypassed by this method and you can access your android.
So above is all about How To Unlock Android Lock Screen By Sending Message. This method will be very helpful to you as you can easily recover your android when you have forget your pin or password. You have to implement just few steps to secure your device.
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