How to Unlock BSNL teracom 3G Data card



Unlock BSNL teracom 3G Data card

We have 2 Method to Unlock BSNL teracom 3G LW272 and 273, so now just go ahead with the easiest method which Suits you. also not you do not need to be a Geek to unlock These Devices. this can be done with Simple Tools. also keep in mind, Unlocking any 3G Modem may avoid its warranty if it is not officially Unlocked.
Unlock BSNL teracom LW272 nd 273

As said above there are two methods to Unlock This Device, Both are easy and Newbie Friendly So Lets see the first method Here. this method will NOT avoid your Warranty
Method 1
  • The first step to unlock BSNL teracom 3G data card by this First method is,You need to the Default Data Card Software on your system, By Inserting your Device into USB Port.
  • After The software Installation is completed Just Only Uninstall The Software, Not the modem Drivers.
  • NOTE: Use CCleaner to Uninstall the Application, Because Normal Uninstall will remove the drivers.
  • Now When The Application is Uninstall, Just install the Following New Dashboard which has all Indian Network Settings in it By Default
  • That’s it. After Installing the new Above Application, You will be able to Use Any SIM cards on your BSNL teracom 3G Modem.
Method 2
The above was the simple method to Use Any SIM cards, on the Device, however if you are not able to implement on the Above Method, or have any issues on the same, Then here is a Another Easy to to UnlockBSNL teracom data Cards
  • Install the USB modem as usual
  • Create a new APN in the BSNL interface (for Airtel it is “”. Make it as default.
  • Check in Windows under installed modem options, there you will have HSPA DataCardPropritary USB MODEM
  • Create a new Dialup with your desired name and use the above modem as modem, dialing number will be *99#, user name and password will be blank.
  • Go to the BSNL modem installed directory in Program Files, in my system it is “C:Program FilesBSNL 3G Data CardBSNL 3G” .
  • Change the file name BSNL 3G.exe to something else, for example BSNL so that it will not execute.
  • Now remove your datacard and remove BSNL sim and put whichever the SIM you want (APN should be the same) connect it again to the system.
  • The green light will glow after 10-15 seconds. Now you can connect using the new dial up connection we made. (Here onward, every time you can use the dial-up)
  • It will be connected instantly with 7.2 MBPS Speed Shown in the connection manager, Actual Speed will be depended on your SIM an Network Strength.
As compared to both the methods, The First method was easy to Use as you just need to Install a New Dashboard.
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