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how to unlock MX account after its blocked


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how to unlock MX account after its blocked.

Copy this & Send them same mail

I was a loyal Member of this program from 6 months

But suddenly my account has been locked without any Reason

I had followed each & every T&C

Please recheck once A humble request to your team

After sending This above mail you will receive a msg

Your issue has been escalated to our senior support staff.

Successfully opened one blocked MX Account in 24 hrs & Received Voucher instantly

2. Login your MX Account with Android version 6.0 or above And try with every blocked MX Account in all Your phones Now you won't get this error ' App was not successfullly installed '

And send them same mail & make sure that MX is Opened 24 Hrs Till you get reply Form their support team

Both I had treid personally & it's working fine

Give it a try ..If you think that yes my account was blocked For no reason

soumitra saha

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Thanks Bro
I will try to recover my blocked ac
But,i redeemed 300rs Amazon and then its been blocked so,i will get the voucher ?:angel: