Idea Live TV Trick 100% Working for 2G and 3G



Idea Live TV Trick for Mobile and PC

The main Advantage of this Idea Live TV Trick is it ca be also work in PC using VLC Media Player, i am not sure it will work in 0 Balance or Not, but it as been tested in High balance by my Friend in Karnataka with High Balance, There was No-Buffering in 3G Network the TV Clarity and Speed was Awesome. Lets See some of its Features
Features of Idea Live TV Trick

  • High Speed TV
  • No Balance Deduction
  • May Work in 0 Balance
  • Only Working in Idea
  • Also working in PC with VLC
  • No Buffering in 3G Network
  • Vast List of channels
  • Exclusive on
Steps to Use Idea Live TV Trick

You need to Enter the RSTP (Streaming URl ) in your Mobile or PC.
For Mobile
  1. you need to have Proper Streaming Settings
  2. In Nokia S-40 Phones, you need to Enter the URL in Downloads> in Music Player
  3. Access Point should be used is mobile or internet
For PC
  1. Connect to Internet using mobile or internet as Access Point
  2. Open VLC Media Player,
  3. Copy any channel link and paste it in File> Open Advance File> Streaming.
  4. It will take some Time to Load, and in 3G It will work without any buffering
  5. You can also Put the Link in Google Chrome.
Download [BChannel L[/URL]inks[/B]
Note: In the channel List You may see that some links have “2G/LIVE” – They are 2G Links you can use same for all links. For 3G Links remove 2G/LIVE in link, It is tested and working in Karnataka and Maharashtra, Try it in your State
Screenshot shared by my Friend
That’s it. By Downloading The channel Links you can be able to Watch free Live Tv Channels with Idea Live TV Tricks If you are using Idea SIM Card on your Dongle then you can take the advantage of Live TV on your PC, or by using it in Mobile,

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