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M.Tech project help


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hi frnds,

can anyone help me to find drawback and better filter than below IEEE research paper.

it will be great help if he helped me to implement below paper in NS2 or an application.
and find better performance evalauted for this.

Download link:

Topic name :
An Efficient and Robust Addressing Protocol for Node Autoconfiguration in Ad Hoc Networks

Address assignment is a key challenge in ad hoc networks due to the lack of infrastructure. Autonomous addressing protocols require a distributed and self-managed mechanism to avoid address collisions in a dynamic network with fading channels, frequent partitions, and joining/leaving nodes. We propose and analyze a lightweight protocol that configures mobile ad hoc nodes based on a distributed address database stored in filters that reduces the control load and makes the proposal robust to packet losses and network partitions. We evaluate the performance of our protocol, considering joining nodes, partition merging events, and network initialization. Simulation results show that our protocol resolves all the address collisions and also reduces the control traffic when compared to previously proposed protocols.

Video :


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How do you plan to implement it ? In which language it really should be done, I am kinda lost here, that's why I am really asking this, so please do let me know the whole case as much as you really only need and that's really it. Thanks for that matter anyway.


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Sounds like kinda hard task for sysadmin to make it entirely and clearly. How else it will be done ? I don't know, I am asking you if you already have found someone who really can do such jobs when there will be a need, so many time past....