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Make Free Unlimited Skype Intentional Calls for 30 Days

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Call anyone, almost anywhere

Call phones all over the world — landlines in over 40 countries and mobiles in 7 countries. It’s a great way to reach everyone, on Skype or off.

Make group video calls

Gather up to 10 people on the same group video call. Get together for regular family catch ups or hold business meetings with anyone — no matter where they are.

Share your screen

Great idea? Fun photo? Share it with everyone at the same time. Group screen sharing makes it easy to do anything all together on one call.

To qualify for the offer, you must have or create a Skype account and provide valid payment details. After the first month, your subscription will automatically continue and payments will be taken monthly unless you cancel subscription within 27 days from the start of your trial (free trial runs one month despite cancelation of recurring subscription).

Not open for further replies.