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Make Your Videos running on Desktop as Wallpaper.


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Steps to set your Video as wallpaper.

1. Open VLC Media Player.

2. Then Go to Tools > Preference Or press CTRL + P and Selecet Video from left panel

3. Click on output dropdown list Then Choose DirectX (Direct Draw) video output.

4. Save the changes ans restart VLC Media Player.

5. Play any video you would like to set as your desktop wallpaper.

6. Then click on Video Menu and select DirectX Wallpaper or Set as Wallpaper from the dropdown list.

7. Now Minimize vlc player and you will see your video running on your desktop as wallpaper.

8. If you want your default wallpaper back then uncheck DirectX Wallpaper from video dropdown list.

9. For old setting set Automatic from Output dropdown list and save it.


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Bro is it working on me i have windows 8.1 and cor 2du process and 3 gb ram