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Memory Booster v4.3.10 App

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★ Optimizes BlackBerry® memory usage.
★ No device reset required. Therefore a lot faster than other applications!
★ No new hardware: Software only solution. No additional hardware needed! Does not influence any other applications.
★ Visuals: Fancy bar/line charts and textual high performance memory overview.
★ Automatic Background Boosting: Make sure the BlackBerry® is never wasting memory!
★ Statistics: Extensive statistical data for effectiveness tracking.
★ How it works: If memory is wasted, MemoryBooster improves the memory management of the BlackBerry® Java Virtual Machine JVM which optimizes the device performance and stability. MemoryBooster recovers lost memory that is then free and can be assigned to running applications. You will see your applications running faster after using our Boost Memory! function. By simply hitting the Boost Memory button you can recover up to 12 MB or even more depending on your device.

Ubiquitous Rule: The more memory available the more memory your other applications can use and therefore, the faster these applications run.

Defining memory: MemoryBooster boosts only runtime memory. This means it improves the BlackBerry® s memory usage for running applications which has a positive effect on the overall speed of the BlackBerry®. MemoryBooster does not do anything with the media card memory which is the space for file storage only and would not have any effect on the speed of the phone anyway. Therefore, please do not compare our product with the Options - Memory listing of the BlackBerry®.

Download Link :Download link : / Link Removed (NiTesh)

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