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Mount and blade2: Greetings warriors of Calradia!


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The Vlandians are based on the feudalism of early medieval Europeans, especially the Normans, Scandinavian settlers who settled in France, before forming kingdoms in England, Sicily and the Holy Land. The Norman stunned their Byzantine and Muslim opponents with anger and discipline for their cavalry, having fenced in rows - "could break the walls of Babylon," as Anna Comnena puts it. the twelfth century. The knights combined an extraordinary discipline in their training during the war with a persistent desire to seize any land that could cause their interest. Any gray area in the next feudal rule is a precursor to war
The Vlanders lands a larger territory than other factions, but we have prepared a foundation for strong internal tensions. Derland, the lost Vlandian king, would have more to do with the bosses, more interested in personal goals than in the idea of fighting under the same banner. : The Warband also seeks to model the "reluctant mobilization" aspect of the medieval war, but some people think that this exercise is too frustrating.
Vlanders' armor and armor draws inspiration from the ones used in Western Europe from September 9 to the early twelfth century. This stage is marked by a relatively rapid progression, causing some balancing problems.
The defensive barrier was a deadly tactic, just as it was apparent on the medieval battlefields. But it's even more effective when it's done by a good driver on a powerful horse. In the Banner, we try to find a good compromise between heavy and light majors. The bright horses will be more mobile, but also do not want much exposure
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