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MTS Mblaze Free 150 MB

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Here is a way for you to get MTS MBlaze 3G on hi-speed for free. It’s just making use of the official and legal offer that they provides for you.
1. Just Connect your Mblaze to the internet 2. Log on to their homepage - mblaze.websiteforever.com/dashboard/index.jsp
3. Now on the Top left part of the website, look for a box

4. Click on the Get free data button and the widget will transform into something like this

5. Fill it with your data and finally hit the submit button

So with this way, you get 150 MB of 3G data for free for your MTS Mblaze and also on MTS Mbrowse. It has been reported that you can do this more than once. Enjoy... :cool:
Not open for further replies.