My Contacts Backup: Keep Your iPhone Contacts Safe by Backing Them Up


Nov 9, 2012
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It works without any computer synchronization and online server. The working process behind this application is quite simple. It just backs up your contacts in a file with a .vcf file extension then sends this file to your email id as an attachment. The backup file will be safe on your email id and you can use it to recover your contacts any time without losing any information.
How to Use My Contacts Backup?
The process of backing up contacts using this app is very straight forward; just start the app and click on the Backup button and you are done. Once all of your contacts are backed up, email the file to yourself as an attachment. The exported backup file from this app can be restored directly in the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad as these devices support .vcf file extension. But you can’t restore the .CSV backup file in this way. CSV is not a backup a file. It is just an export file. You need to convert .CSV file to .VCF file.

My Contacts Backup is a nifty solution for all iPhone and iPad users because this simple app works smoothly to back up your contacts. The freeware version of this app supports maximum 500 contacts but if you have a larger contacts list then you can buy this app from Apple iTunes store for $1.99.
Key Features:
  • Offline Backup. No need to sync to any server.
  • Just email the backup file to yourself. Easy restore.
  • No need to use any app to restore backup file.
  • Just tap on the *.vcf backup file in the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad mail client.
  • Easily transfer contacts between iOS Devices using just email client.
  • Backup Contacts as VCF (VCard) or Export Contacts as CSV (Excel) file
  • Delete All Contacts in Address Book VCF backup is limited to max 500 contacts. You need to download PRO version for unlimited contacts backup.
Download My Contacts Backup