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New Idea BBM Trick July August 2013 (OPENLY POSTED)

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Latest Idea BBM Trick Description:

  • APN: The trik is baed on the blackberry service, hence it will only work on blackberry.net for establishing the connection
  • UDP Based: If you are elite trick user’s you just be knowing the difference between UDP and TCP protocols. UDP ports have much higher speed as compared with other Tricks. The idea BBM trick is based on UDP port.
  • Torrents and Downloads: Most of the VPN expect few does not allow direct torrent leeching, but we have included a UDP config file for NMD VPN which will support torrents at high speed via Utorrent. Also you can use this ZbigZ Premium trick for downloading torrents through IDM.
  • Browsing: The new config supports both HTTPS and normal HHTP protocol, so you may browser your favorite sites easily and you may also continue your downloads with no speed limit and disconnection.
  • VPN Connection: This is complete new Idea trick based on a different BBM plan, I
  • How to tweak Idea BBM Trick
    • The trick is much simple and easy as compared top other VPN Tricks. You just need to Activate a Simple BBM and MMS Service and then use our given APN, Proxy,port (VPN). You may also use this Trick on your Android devices using Feat VPN for Android. this new Idea BBM Trick for August 2013 is confirmed working in NOrth and Maharashtra. just download and enjoy it
    • Update: You need to activate Idea MMS Service on your SIM by calling customer care (Free service) for using this New Idea BBM Trick.
    • Most of the BBM tricks including Airtel,BSNL and Docomo were based on APN blackberry.net but here we will be using a new APN which is not disclosed openly because we do not want this awesome 3G Trick to get blocked to copied on other forum/blog. We have included the Access point details in the trick file.
    • First Call idea customer care and ask them to activate idea MMS Service on your SIM. (It will be activated instantly)
    • Now Download the trick file and follow proper instructions
    • Now read the instrucions.txt file carefully and implement with the given APN.
    • You just need to connect with given APN at Zero Balance and use the latest proxy,port on your Browser.
    • We have also included the VPN config File, So you may also use this trick with VPN.
  • Screenshot of Idea BBM Trick :


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