Passive Money with Ultrascrapper.


Jan 11, 2018
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Passive Money with Ultrascrapper. New earning method of viewing linkedin profiles.

The following things are very important

1. Gmail ID
2. LinkedIn account(S)
3. PC or VPS
4. Bitcoin Wallet to get cashout.

Registration should be gmail ID.

Open the site only on chrome browser (to get translate and also work only on this browser)

If your country not allowed (ultrascrapper is down). Use VPN. In my personal recommend

7 day free trial.

Choose Brazil VPN. Its working good.

Registration page

After registering, save your username (gmail ID) and password safe. Next you can login there and download software to view linkedIn profile on your ultrascrapper account inside. Otherwise mail PM your mail. I will send through mail.

Next Create LinkedIn accounts min 3 per IP (Don’t rush it. You will get ban by LinkedIn)

Otherwise you can buy from LinkedIn account sellers (But min 70 connections is best. Or you can add connections manually)

Do daily activities like, comment with just 2 mins/account.

Every LinkedIn account view max 250/day. You will get 25 cents. If you more you earn more. My upline having 50 linkedIn accounts and earn $17.50/day using 20 VPS.

To Buy VPS

They are selling VPS of 4 GB RAM is €3.99/month (its cheap)

Just open daily your PC after your target you can close your PC (You can run on any VPS also)

I recommend PC min 4 GB RAM

Daily Run this software (I will teach you on Teamviewer). It will view automatically.

Every month 1-5th you will get auto payment on your Bitcoin (This is only payment processor from Ultrascrapper now. In future they will update more)

To join Ultrascrapper forum (ultrascrapper Email should be use to register)

If you have any doubt PM me I will guide all details using TeamViewer.

I will post my payment proof after getting July 5th.


Nov 24, 2019
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So are people really paying for viewing some LinkedIn profiles or something like that ? I honestly can't believe that simply anyway. Care to move further with that or not ? We need to make it possible for others as well, I hope you understand.


Apr 5, 2019
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Is this still working to this days, I mean all that scheme, it's already way past that damn 5th July and you still haven't posted anything yet entirely, so what to do with all that - I am really not that sure absolutely. I do want to get it , but seems all stopped.
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