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Phone Manager with UTF+TEXT creator/editor

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Phone Manager

Here i come with a new phone manager for you all with something new or else...in the app stil there have a problem but fixed it in a way that you wil not get any error
In the app when we open e:/ drive while it wil go through automaticaly to other folder in memory card or ask you ''yes'' or ''no'' each time for read write data setting
...if you click on No the app will not show any notification or error.....


File manager for mobile phones supporting Java. The utility allows you to view hide files, listen to multimedia files.
This App is like File explorer Full but it added with some new features ..


*Music Player(mp3,3gp,mp4)
*File Edit(delete,move,copy,rename,mark)
*Text Creator/editor(.txt format)
*UTF creator/editor(as text easy way)
*can view hide files

Not open for further replies.