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Potshot Pirates 3D v1.09

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Potshot Pirates 3D v1.09

Requirements: Varies with device
Overview: Famous pirate Joe Elusive
had hidden untold wealth
somewhere in Yokka-Pukka islands!
Famous pirate Joe Elusive had
hidden untold wealth somewhere in
Yokka-Pukka islands, inhabited by
people with emerald skin and a
sharp temper. But where exactly…
He had forgotten. Your job, as a
prospective pirate - to find and take
away these treasures from brazen
green Yokkas by all means.
3D technology allows you approach
the island from either side (360
degrees) and select the perfect point
for an attack. In addition, you'll need
a good eye - pitching, and the waves
themselves, looks very realistic.
Shoot in grinning insolent green
targets with nucleus or buckshot;
destroy wood, glass, steel and stone
building - and refund your pirate
gold. The better result - the more
gold and higher ratings. With gold
you can win over even the Kraken - a
huge octopus, sweeping the whole
village with his mortal hugs!
More than 100 colorful levels,
including the original geolocations,
which opens, depending on the
player’s location.
A realistic highly detailed 3D graphics
The ability to summon destructive
Different nucleuses with different
Touch-based controls
Different weather conditions at
different levels
Realistic water, which can be
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