[Really Hot]All symbian hack using Trend Micro System AV without using PC


Feb 13, 2013
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Another Symbian hack! by bebooo43 & coderus
I know you can't believe this...
New Symbian hack with Trend Micro Mobile Security Anti virus by bebooo43
1. Unpack
tmquarantine.zip 5.53 KB archive into C drive. Use X-Plore. You should get (phone memory)C:\tmquarantine\ .

2. Install Anti-Virus
Mobile Security.sis 874.51 KB (make sure there is no any other antivirus in the phone .)

3. Launch Anti-Virus
4. Go to Options - Quarantine list

5. Do Options - Restore at all files

6. Close Anti-Virus and delete it(if not than 365 days full version of this antivirus).
7. Install
RomPatcherPlus_3.1_LiteVersion.zip 193.3 KB

8. Launch RomPatcher+ and apply patches:

- Open4all for access to all folders
- Installserver for installing any unsigned apps (if redcross get proper installserver from
installservers_pack.zip 350.63 KB and copy to c/sys/bin/)

If need do Options - Add to auto at patches you needto autostart on phone boot.
Phone hacked
Enjoy !!!!!!! if u read carefully this n follow thread u will be successful.......otherwise only doubt....