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Refer upto Rs 10000 for shopping - FYND app


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How To Signup On Fynd And Earn Rs.250 -

1. Download Fynd Android App
2. Install and Open the App.
3. Enter Your Mobile Number and Verify It Using a Otp.
4. After that, Proceed On Next Screen and Enter Your Basic Details.
5. Click On Signup Button.
6. Now, You are Successfully Signed Up On the App.
7. Navigate, To Account Section and Go to Refer and Earn Option.
8. Enter Referral Code - " E21P1Z"
( Must To Get Rs.250 As Signup Bonus )

9. That's It, You got Rs.250 Fynd Cash.
10.Now Share your Referral Code to Earn More.Per Refer you will get Rs 50 FYND cash and the person to whom app is referred will also get Rs 50 FYND cash+ Rs 200 signup bonus. #LOOT

How and Where to use Fynd Cash ?

You can use your Fynd Cash for purchasing any fashion product on the App. This time you can redeem full if your Fynd Cash even on a single order so you can also get a product for free .Minimum order value is Rs 700 for using refer credit completely.


NOTE-You can also use code FIRST20 to get flat 20% on your order value.

Karan Kumar

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we can use referral credit upto 1000 on order value of 1000. now they are blocking referral code who are referring with changing id's of device.
Parallel Space
not working with parallel space they are blocking accounts


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is that Priyanshu Jha?
[DOUBLEPOST=1498561564,1498561501][/DOUBLEPOST]the problem with fynd cash is that for the referral you can't use untill the cart value is 1000. :sad: