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Resume Supported Airtel Proxy Trick October 12

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There have been Many proxy Tricks posted in our Tricks Section[/URL]. also we have deleted many Expired and Not working Tricks to make our Blog much Clean and Easy to navigate. I always Give Priority to VPN Tricks but in some cases when VPN Tricks doesn’t work for you Then you can use Proxy Tricks . Remember SIM Blocking and Speed Capping is a Conman Problem in Proxy trick , so use it with your Risk as Exceeding the LIMIT can Block your Airtel SIM. Tricks have Been Scattered over the web. We Only share Tricks not at all responsible for it.
Features of Resume Supported Airtel Proxy Trick

  • Resume Supported
  • Youtube Supported upto 50 Mins of Video Viewing
  • Works in both 3G and 2G
  • also Works in Computer
  • Works in VNAP NetBuster also
  • High Speed Proxy
  • No Speed Capping in some states
  • 200 MB Limit
Steps for Resume Supported Airtel Proxy Trick

Steps for connecting via proxy is much easy as compared to VPN Tricks, however for new ones can follow the steps mentioned Properly
For Mobile
Create a new Config Setting in your Mobile
  1. Account Name: digitaljanta.in
  2. Access Point: airtelgprs.com
  3. Proxy:
  4. Port: 80
  5. Home Page: You know it for your State.
Open Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome and Input the Proxy in network Settings
Port: 80
Home Page: You know it for your State.
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