Set Honey Bunny Song Idea Caller Tune for Free


Sep 26, 2012
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All are aware of new Attractive honey Bunny Song fro Idea. its gaining more popularity and becoming Favorite of many’s. hence to enjoy Honey Bunny in a better way. Here is a Easiest Way to Set this Song as a Caller tune for Free. your callers can enjoy this Special song instead of boring ring. this service is completely free by Idea Cellular, you don’t have to pay even a single penny for it, So why not enjoy this Special song for Free

Callers tunes are much famous more than 30% of mobile Subscribers use caller tunes to make their callers listen their favorite song. But due to its high Price user’s stopped using this type of service, but when the same thing is completely free then you should never miss it

How to set Honey Bunny Song as Caller tune for Free
Idea user’s can enjoy this beautiful and Popular song for Free, follow the instructions below and Activate this Service instantly wihotut paying anything

®Open your “New message” option on your Mobile
®Simply Type “HB” and just send it to “56789

©You will get a SMS instantly saying this Caller tune is activated successfully for 1 month.
©This caller tune is totally free. you can also deactivate it when you get bored by this Song (I don’t think that you will be disappointed anytime by this Song)
©To Unsubscribe type “UNSUB rn_sel_hb” and send it to “54300