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Set up user agent to desktop mode on Chrome for Android

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Google Chrome is one of the best browsers for Android in the play store right now, its sleek, easy to use and integrates well with all our devices. The only problem in Chrome is that you can permanently set the user agent to desktop mode, instead there is an option to Request desktop site. For some people it is really irritating to open the options tab and select request desktop site all the time, so those people can follow this guide to open all the websites in desktop mode permanently.

This procedure can only be done in rooted devices


  • Download the file above and copy to the SD card
  • Now copy the command line file to the location : /data/local with root permission using a file explorer
  • Go to the settings of the file and change the permission to 755
  • Restart the Chrome application
  • Done
Its as simple as that, so go ahead and make your Chrome experience better.
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