Ten Games To Have On Your Lumia Phone!! (Nokia Recommends)


Sep 13, 2013
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Are you an avid gamer, or an occasional player? No matter how many hours you spend on mobile gaming, these games will definitely keep you busy. Download them today and be a happy gamer!

Doom & Destiny
An old-skool RPG that’s already been a big XBOX hit, D&D stars four nerds who’ve been mistaken for heroes and have to now battle their way through a massive world and defeat a super-villian if they’re ever to get back home. It’s got magic and dungeons and pizzas and jokes galore, and the gamers love it. And where else would you find a kick-ass video-game character called Nigel?

Plants vs. Zombies
Watch out—the zombies are coming! And all you’ve got to defend yourself with is, well, your fruit and veg. Fifty levels of siege warfare with twenty-six breeds of relentless zombies and an arsenal of wall-nuts, cherry-bombs, mushrooms, sunflowers and more: this is a tower defence game that’s both cute and gross. It’s picked up numerous game design awards since its initial release in 2009. It even features a robot and a pet snail! If only real-life gardening were so addictive…

Flow Free
Connect colour-coded dots to make a pipe; connect all the dots and fill the board without any of your pipes getting in the way of the others, and you beat the level. Choose between free play and time-trial modes. A simple, strategic and brilliantly addictive puzzle game that’s good for adults and kids. We’re particularly find of the bright and uncomplicated interface.

Cut the rope
For game lovers with a sweet tooth: little monster Om Nom has got a package with candy inside, but he can’t reach it! You have to figure out how to cut the right rope (as well as use other tools provided) to release his goodies and get them in his mouth. It’s a simple concept that uses basic physics and gets more challenging as you unlock more levels. Deservedly popular.

Dungeon Stalker 2
A 3D role-playing game in which you, the hero, have to battle the evil tyrant Overlord to save your homeland! Excellent dungeon game with plenty of space to investigate and an abundance of spells, runes, and melee combat. It’s built more around exploration than story, but that’s fine. There’s a free version, too, if you don’t mind ads.

Skulls of the Shogun
This is an arcade strategy game featuring—get this!—dead samurai fighting in the afterlife. It’s turn-based, as you try to defeat the enemy army’s general—then you eat their skulls to replenish your health. Yum. It’s got bright and cheerful animation, clever dialogue and a one-of-a-kind setting. You can even choose to hide in bamboo, or let your general meditate to gain back lost health. Amazing.

Modern Combat 4
A single- or multi-player action thriller shoot-em-up, this isn’t suitable for kids, but it’ll knock the socks off their parents. It’s got stupendous graphics, Hollywood-style voice acting, and it uses the Havoc Engine, which means you’ve got real-time collision detection for a realistic gaming experience. It’s pretty much nailed the big-screen experience on the smaller screen of a Windows smartphone. Plus you get to play as both the hero and the villain, for even more added value!

If you like Boggle, you’ll love Wordament: find as many words on the grid as you can, travelling up, down, sideways, diagonally and turning corners before the time runs out. It’s harder than it sounds, so start memorising those words. It’s not one of the most popular puzzle games in the Windows Store for nothing…

Contre Jour
A stunning halfway house between a game and a work of art, we’ve seen nothing to match Contre Jour in terms of aesthetics. You have to help a creature called Petit to safety, but you can’t touch her; instead, you have to manipulate the landscape around her. The game’s all about precision and accuracy (and head-scratching thought, at times), the animation is gorgeous and subtle, and even the piano soundtrack is arresting. We’re in love.

Rag Doll Run
A frantic dash that lets you try out your parkour moves, this is relentless and compelling game with lovely cartoon characters that look very much like actual rag dolls. Leap over the obstacles in your path and grab coins and power-ups as you go, but don’t lose concentration, because this doesn’t let up at all. It’s an infinite game – rather than one with a fixed set of levels and an ending – so it won’t stop unless you do.
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Jul 10, 2013
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Halo:Spartan assault six guns Royal revolt these are few good games
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