The Top 25 Fun Google Tricks


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Maybe to help dispel the wacky
notion that geeks are boring, or
maybe to prove that Search isn’t
all work and no play and Sergei
and Larry are by no means dull
boys, Google every-once-in-a-
Google-Moon leavens their spam-
fighting and user experience-
enhancing with some honest-to-
goodness, good clean Fun
Google Tricks.
You probably know a few of
these memes already — passed
around the intarwebz ad
infinitum as they often are —
those quirky little tricks and
pranks you never thought you’d
see from such a serious search
engine. Occasionally, we
searchers stumble upon some
quietly placed “Google Easter
Egg,” or sometimes Google’s PR
peeps publicize some brand
spanking new Fun Google trick
that spices up the user
experience as much as it
enhances it. Whichever it is, these
Google Tricks are fun darnit, so
have fun with them.

1.Google Ninja
Who doesn’t love ninjas? Google
definitely does. If you’re using
your Google Reader feed, press
the keys “up, up, down, down,
left, right, left, right, B, A” and a
ninja (or a couple of them)

2. Chicken Rolling
“Rick-rolling” is a popular prank
that involves redirecting the
unwitting user to a video of
music artist Rick Astley singing
one of his hit songs (most often
“Never Gonna Give You Up”).
Chicken-rolling, on the other
hand, is like Rick-rolling, but with
one dancing man eating fried
chicken legs. To subject your
unwitting friend to this prank,
type the code “2204355” then
click “I’m feeling lucky.” See what

3. Weenie Google
Weenie Google is the flip side of
Epic Google. Once the page loads,
the logo, search bar, “Search”
and “I’m Feeling Inadequate”
buttons,immediately begin to
shrink to inscrutable and barely-
usable sizes. Is fun, no?

Epic Google is Google on steroids
— not the enhanced
performance however, just the
obscene bulk. Once the page
loads, the logo, search bar,
“Search” and “I’m Feeling
Excessive” buttons, all swell until
they either float off the page or
you type a search and get the
heck outta there.
Go here-

5. Annoying Google
The “Annoying Google” trick is
not really annoying under normal
circumstances. Even if you’re in a
hurry, Annoying Google’s way of
messing up the words as you
type them (randomly changing
from upper-case to lower-case)
is not really annoying. But if you
want to see this in action and
determine for yourself if it’s really
annoying or simply mildly
amusing, visit the link below.
Go here-

6. The disappearing “OO”
This is not really a Google fun
trick per se, but you can wow
your clueless friend with this little
“magic.” Click anywhere on the
white space of the Dark Arts
page (URL in linked title above),
then pretend to rub your two
fingers on the two OO’s on the
Google logo for 2 to 3 seconds,
and the O’s will vanish. To bring
it back, do the same thing: Click
anywhere again and the OO’s will
reappear, after which you will be
redirected to the real Google.
Go here-

7.Google Anagram
Step 1: Type “anagram” into the
Google search bar. Step 2:
Google asks if you in fact mean
“nag a ram.” Step 3: Proceed to

8. Google MentalPlex
One of the earliest (if not, the
earliest) Google April Fool’s joke
(this one surfaced in 2000) is the
Google MentalPlex. Instead of
typing their queries into the
search bar, unwitting users were
“invited” to just “think” their
questions while gazing intently
into the MentalPlex circle
(apparently to allow Google
enough time to “read” your
brain signals and transform them
into actual search engine
queries), then click into the circle
to see the results. Even Google’s
CEO and co-founder Larry Page
called MentalPlex “a quantum
leap in finding what you are
looking for on the Internet.
Typing in queries is so 1999.” It
was fun. Especially if you
remember that this was the early
days of Google, long before the
billion-dollar behemoth called
Adsense and what-have-you.

9. Flight Simulator
What started as an Easter egg
became so well-loved that Google
eventually turned it into a regular
feature of Google Earth. Just click
Tools > Enter Flight Simulator,
and you’re off to make a round-
the-world tour. It would have
been more awesome if Google
Earth also has a “rocket
launcher” feature with unlimited
ammo to go with it, but maybe
next time.

11. Recursion
Type “recursion” into the Google
search bar and Google in return
asks, rather recursively: “Did you
mean recursion?”

12. All the Google Doodles
Over the years, Google has
released several of its
“doodles”—a temporary re-
design of the Google logo made
as a tribute to a historical event
or the birthday of someone who
has changed the world for the
better. Through the link below,
you’ll find all of the Google
Doodles, not only the American
Go here

13.Dragon Slayer
Those who use Google Docs will
find this mildly amusing. If you
create or open any spreadsheet,
pressing Shift+F12 pops up a
message that says: “Dragon
slain! Congratulations, you’ve
slain the dragon! ]B=8}”.

14. Google Tilt or Askew
Typing the word “tilt” or
“askew” on Google (specifically if
you’re using the Chrome or Safari
browser) commands the search
engine to “tilt” the whole screen
slightly to the right.
Go here

15. Google Spam
Probably not an actual Google
trick but more a manifestation of
how Google offers users related
information. In the folders in
your Gmail account, you usually
see a one-line text advertisement
from Adsense. But in the Spam
folder, what you’ll see is a real
Spam recipe—yes, it’s a recipe
for something you can actually

16. Google Gravity
Quite simply, this is Earth-bound
physics “infused” into Google’s
interface: with “gravity,” the
visual elements you commonly
find on the interface, such as the
search bar, the “I’m feeing lucky”
button, and everything else fall
down like a stack of bricks on
the bottom of the browser. You
can even “pick up” and “throw”
the search results at the “walls”
or just simply mess with them.
This is no longer implemented on
Google, but you can still see how
it worked through the link

17. Let me Google that for you
LMGTFY or Let Me Google That for
You is a somewhat tongue-in-
cheek service made for those of
us who are too lazy to use
Google. Upon entering a search
query, instead of results, you get
a link that you can then mail to
your lazy recipient.
Clicking on the link launches the
actual search: thus, in this
perigrinatory manner, you have
Googled it for them. All they have
to do is click the link. A beautiful
example of technology making
things more complicated for us.

18. Google Chuck Norris
There was a time when the
internet raged with all
imaginable Chuck Norris jokes. So
naturally, Google itself dipped its
hand in the meme with the
Chuck Norris Google Trick. Search
“Chuck Norris,” and Google
returns a familiar Chuck Norris
joke: “Google won’t search for
Chuck Norris because it knows
you don’t find Chuck Norris, he
finds you.”

Cool one..
19. God on Google Earth
Sometime in 2010, people
around the world went “God
crazy” when Google Earth
supposedly had taken a
“snapshot” of “divine beings”
while crossing a mountain zone
in Switzerland. There’s no
definite answer, of course, but
the buzz it created was
testament to how the entire
online community could get
excited over a blurry photo, like
they do with pictures of cats.
Go here,9.229339&panoid=LYvqOzdsYB3_EqCh-vBeLA&cbp=12,269.29,,0,-21.57&ll=46.992431,9.402924&spn=0,1.448822&z=10&source=embed

20. Google Pac-man
A treasure-trove of fun Google
tricks won’t be complete without
mentioning Google’s Pac-Man
doodle. On May 22, 2010, the
30th anniversary of the classic
game, people around the world
woke up to a search engine
sporting an actually playable
mini-version of Pac-Man. And
naturally, hundreds of millions of
people spent hours playing the
game, basically slowing down
productivity to a halt.

21. Google Mirror
This fun Google trick simply
displays a mirror image of
everything you might see when
doing a search on Google.

10. Google’s Nessie
Use the beach theme with your
iGoogle homepage, then very
patiently sit there and wait until
the clock strikes 3:14 AM. Or you
can just more the clock forward
and see the monster” that comes
out. If you actually waited several
hours until 3:14 AM, finally seeing
the monster might not totally
amuse you.


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