Top Five Camera Apps for Android Smartphone


Nov 9, 2012
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The way smartphone sales have taken off in the past couple of years can be attributed only to one single factor that is Android platform. Smart and quick graphic User Interface (GUI) with millions of apps to improvise practically every function and aspect of the android based phones. Cameras both front and back have been making rapid strides in terms of quality, features and performance with every new launch of android based phones by mobile manufacturing companies like Samsung, LG, Nokia, Motorola and HTC. So it is not surprising that there is plethora of applications to improve the performance or utility of the cameras found in android phones. If you are confused which one to download and try, I am going to make your job easier. I am reviewing the top five camera apps for android based phones. So go ahead and take your pick now.
1) Camera 360: This is a very popular and free application available for Android based phones with many unique and intuitive features. Features likes LOMO, Dreamlike effect, Art of Black and white, Night enhancement, Retro effect just a few of the effects that it has. You can try these or many of the other effects that it has including the HDR effect which will appear to be even better than iPhone HDR as some of the users have claimed.

2) Camera Zoom FX: It is undoubtedly the most popular and downloaded app for android based phones for enhancing the performance of the inbuilt cameras. Widely reviewed by most of the reputed tech magazines and websites, one can perhaps get almost all the details from the web even before trying it out on your phone. To name a few, it comes with some amazing features for optical/ digital zoom, auto focus, night shot and white balance. The only downside is that the app does not come free and is priced at about USD 4. Though we hope that the developers find some other way to raise their revenues and make it free for us to download.

3) Vignette: Vignette is a small app for the android phones which enables adding of upto 84 effects and 60 frames for adding to your phone to customize your photos. The app supports almost all camera resolutions for 3,5 and 8 MP cameras. The downside is again the fact that it is not free, though the demo version is very nice.

4) Pro HDR Camera: This App allows you to create automatically full HD resolution HDR images with just a tap on your android phone. There is however a catch. While the app is found to be working perfectly fine with mobiles of companies like Samsung, Motorola and HTC, the app does not seem to work with android phones of companies like LG, Sony Ericsson amongst others. Since it is free to download, you can always download and check the same for yourself.

5) Magic Hour Camera: App is again a paid app which can help you convert your photos into stunning ones with features such as curves, saturation, brightness, contrast and many types of textures and frame selections.

If you think you have better camera apps to add on this list please comment below.


Nov 18, 2012
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best collection i have ever stumbled :smoke: