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[TUT] Fixing Non Responsive Programs


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How to fix non responsive programs

So we all have had programs crash at some point right?

Well, This is a technique i have come across.

NOTE: (only tested on XP ) was told it works with vista.

K lets get started. lets say you are running a virus scan, and it is going fine, but you decide to open up some music or run another program that decides to raise your cpu higher then it is meant to go.

There for crashing your anti virus scan. Your thinking to yourself that, i cant just open task manager and end the process, that would mean you would need to restart your whole scan over.

Solution: when a program shows up not responding in task manager.
I will use nod32 anti virus for example. you would go to
"c:\programs and files\eset\eset smart security or eset anti virus\egui.exe
Just double click the .exe and it will restart the application without closing it or loosing any of the data. And there for bringing your program back to life and continuing to scan your pc.

works with any program that i have used so far.