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UC Browser 8.9 for Symbian is Officially Released!

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UC Browser for Symbian 8.9:
Simpler and More Efficient Browsing!

UC Browser for Symbian 8.9 is here, and with this new version we’ve once again made browsing the web on your Symbian device simpler and more efficient.
Here’s what we’ve added in this version:

Account Manager:
To make the managing of your online accounts more efficient, you will now be given the option to save your username and password on Facebook, Twitter, Google and more.

Improved File Management:
You can now manage your bookmarks and documents more easily, with the ability to sort them by dragging them around in the bookmark management interface.

UI Optimization:
An improved UI with greater night mode functionality and simple action options.

Increased Speed and Reliability:
Browsing speed while using multiple tabs has been increased by 77%. In addition, the cause of several crashes has been fixed.

In other news, you’ll find we've recolored our logo to the classic UC orange! We hope you like the look.

Check out uc site and , Enjoy a simpler and more efficient browsing experience on your Symbian Device with this version!

enjoy friendz

Not open for further replies.