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*uc cloud and operamini 7 alpha mod trick with latest working ip*

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Real Host Trick -
Proxy type - Real Host

Proxy Server -d.airtelworld.com or any other working ip.

NOTE: Real Host trick Criteria is Same for all apps handlers,ie. It will work in both Opera and UC.

R!P Trick -

For Opera

Filter -*(socket: mini5-1.operamini.com mini5.opera-mini.net\\http: server4.operamini.com server4.operamini.com)

Proxy type - HTTP

Proxy server - d.airtelworld.com
or any other working ip(ask below if u dont know)

Settings to Use - Proxy:mini5.opera-mini.net

For UC Cloud

Filter -*(down2.ucweb.com\\uc6.ucweb.com)
Proxy type - HTTP
Proxy server - d.airtelworld.com
Settings to Use - Proxy:uc6.ucweb.com


NOTE: Only browsing is Possible with uc R!P trick. And browsing and downloading both possible in Opera R!P trick. I posted R!P trick because Real host trick doesnt works in most S40 phones!

NOTE: Both R!P and R.H tricks even work at high bal. But I advice u to use @0 bal. to avoid the Risk of bal. deduction
Not open for further replies.