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Ultimate Lock App

Not open for further replies.


- Fix for background resetting on reboot
- Lock on Timeout will not lock if charging and set to Unlock on Charge
- Will not allow you to both disable lock key to unlock and trackball

- Full integration with Berry Weather! First app ever to do so!
- Ability to show several different versions of weather (location + temp, location + conditions, etc) on lock screen
- Options screens broken out into 5 clear sections on different pages for easier navigation
- Improved registration dialog
- Ability to show in system menu
- Optional unlock sound
- Notifications for BBM groups
- (Storm) Ability to lock in portrait (only when launched from icon, side key, or app launcher)
- Can allow or disallow lock key to unlock (like default lock) and Mute key to switch profiles
- Ability to show or hide the clock and date
- Ability to show or hide the battery status
- Ability to automatically reset LED notifications (including Berry Buzz) when locked
- Heavily optimized core code for faster boot, less battery drain, and less memory usage

BBM, SMS and Email notifications (even see senders name for SMS and Email!)
Switch between any two profiles with the swipe of a finger
Secure your device with a keycode required to unlock
Prevent against tampering by locking the device out after too many failed attempts
Fully customize screen with custom backgrounds, font colors and icon colors
Lock on call, on device start, on lock key, or after a timeout
Allow emergency calls to any number while locked
Reset LED notifications (even from BeBuzz!) without having to unlock
Entirely, 100% original custom graphics from Wayne at WJD Designs

Download link : / Link Removed Removed

Password : digitaljanta.in
Not open for further replies.