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Vodafone UDP TCP Config Tricks With 320kbps Speed June 2013

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Nitin Kool

Today I am Going to show you a new Vodafone tricks after all of the tricks of Vodafone is block by the company.

This Tricks Will Give a Speed Between 320 - 600 Kbps with 100% Working..

Config Can be Download without any Survey (I also Didnt like to do Survey :D).

Features Of this Tricks:-
  • Use apn as portalnmms
  • Gives a Speed Between 320 - 600 kbps.
  • No Speed Capping.
  • HTTPS and HTTP protocol are supported.
  • Working in 2G and 3G mode.
  • IDM and Torrent Supported.
  • Few Disconnection may be occur but don't worry use this Pinger
  • Other information provided in Attachment. Before using this trick must read instructions (compulsory :D )
Step For Using this Tricks:-

Advertisement link of another forum is found in download link , so link is removed by RacingDna and Topic Locked+ user warned :mad:
Not open for further replies.