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VOX Portable DVD Player with 7 Screen PD-709 62%Off

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VOX Portable DVD Player with 7 Screen PD-709

VOX Portable DVD Player with 7 Screen PD-709 is designed to appease the music lover in you. This DVD player is sure to offer the best in entertainment. Easy to carry, this super-slim DVD player has a host of premium features. It comes with 7 inches high resolution TFT LCD wide-view screen. It has built-in double tracks stereo speakers so you dont require separate speakers to enjoy music or movie. It is compatible with DVD, DIVX, MPEG4, VCD, SVCD, DVCD, CD, CD-R/RW formats. It comes with a Double Game Function that lets you play games as per your convenience. It supports SD/MMC/MS card with USB port. Its super electronic anti-shock function will keep you and the DVD player safe. The player also doubles up as a TV.

List Price:Rs.7,490

Selling Price:Rs.2,999
Deal Price:Rs.2,819

You Save Rs. 4671 (62% Discount)

Special Offer : Get this product for Rs.2,819 /-
Use Coupon Code : SC1HT06

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