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Wild Bull Simulator 3D - Angry Bull Attack Game


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Let’s operate the wild angry bull simulator and cause as much destruction as possible. It’s time for the Wild Animals to save themselves from this angry bull attack in one of the wildest bullfight simulator games. Keep running and hit everything around you in wild bull simulation, the newest free city bull attack 3d game on play store!
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This endless Angry Bull Attack game is one of the most addictive gameplay. It is designed by keeping the real bull attack hunters or bullfights in mind, hence multiplied the experience of Bull hunting. It exhibits the combo of both snipers shooting game and hunting game to give the user double treat to let them stick to the end.

As we know, Bulls are much more muscular than cows, so please play the game bravely and do your worst! Angry Bull Simulator offers you the unique game-play of causing as much destruction as you can