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Windows 10 Creator Update


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Microsoft soon going to roll the " WINDOWS CREATOR UPDATE " this mid April to all windows 10 users.

As the name CREATOR UPDATE doesn't make the sense that the update is only for Developers or few but it is for all the WINDOWS 10 users.

This Creator update by the Microsoft will be one of the outstanding update in the recent past updates .

Setup and Installation :-

Method - 1

1-Firstly head to the SETTINGS .

2-Then sub-head to the UPDATE tab.

3-There you find WINDOWS CREATOR update and click on "Yes,show me how"

Method - 2

1- .Click upon the link and head to " UPDATE ASSISTANT" and follow the steps.

Prodigious Changes :-

1-Phenomenal changes to "Microsoft Edge"

Microsoft made marvelous changes to the "MICROSOFT EDGE" making it hard to its competitors GOOGLE CHROME.

The EDGE has tremendous changes which lets the user to quickly shift between the browsing tasks.

The user can open N number of tabs and just by one click he can save all the tabs background and can start a new session of tabs which is a mind blowing change making the user experience of shifting from one set of tabs to other set of tabs easily.

It has also provide a screenshot view of the tabs .

User can also share the tabs and restore the tabs a wonderful inclusion.

The EDGE has also included the SYNC option so that you browse in one system and it can be restored in the other system.

2-Inclusion of "Troubleshooter"

Microsoft has included one of the best application "TROUBLESHOOTER".

This makes the user find the easy way to solve the problem rather than hanging and surfing the net.

You find this tab in the "UPDATE AND SECURITY".

Microsoft has provided troubleshoot to almost many common problems like "Blue Screen" etc.

3-Introducing " Gaming "

This inclusion of " Gaming " widget in the settings is a boom for all the game lovers .
It has mainly

1 - Game bar 2 - Game Dvr 3 - Game broadcasting 4 - Game Mode

On entering the Game mode you find "Use GAME MODE " on enabling it the Gaming experience is enhanced by making the CPU to make more concentration on the Gaming rather than the background apps thereby making your gaming experience a enjoyable one.

The all new " Paint 3D "

Microsoft calls this update as CREATOR UPDATE mainly because of this new "Paint 3D" application.

Microsoft didn't disappoint it's older paint lovers by not removing the "PAINT" application.

The all new "Paint 3D" application has a lots of options and also there is inherent 3D pictures to make your painting experience to a newer level.

To know further

Give a try and share you views ..................



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does it also has forced update feature,or in it updates can be disabled?


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It's all fine and dandy but I bet people already solved somehow that problem with that matter, correct ? I bet they did cause it doesn't work like that in any possible way. People already have 1903 and even maybe 1909 or something like that soon.