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wow!!Watch Blocked YouTubeContent Using ProxTubeFirefox Addon NEW $$$

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ProxTube is an add-on for newer
versions of Firefox. It allows you to
watch the videos blocked in your
locality. ProxTube developer claims it
to works in Germany, Netherlands and
Spain. More countries will be added in
future versions. This add-on currently
will not free up blocked YouTube
videos for US users

How ProxTube Works:

With a click on the toolbar icon, you
can activate and deactivate the addon.
In USA most of the YouTube videos
are available, so a US [email protected] is used to
unlock the videos. The [email protected] will be
deactivated after loading the page
immediately and therefore the video
loads in the usual speed.

So if you are in a country that has
strict regulations on YouTube
contents, give ProxTube a try and see
if it frees up some of those videos you
are trying to watch.

Download :--



Good one bro......last few days youtube unblocker stopped working.
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