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XEvil 4.0 + BitcoinMarkets = PROFIT!



: NEW perfect software complex for solving any CAPTCHA's

1. Powerful AI: XEvil OCR can bypass more than 9000 of different category of CAPTCHA,
including so popular, like Google-captcha ReCaptcha-2, ReCaptcha-3 (in XEvil 4.0 Ultra only!), Captcha.Com, SolveMedia, Bing-Captcha,
Steam-captcha, Ucoz-captcha, Google-captcha, VBulletin-Captcha, SMF-Captcha and a lot of other

2. Very High speed and precision: in speed 0.01 second per image (only 1 second in DEMO version!),
XEvil can break and solve wide types or captcha with high precision,
without depending of difficulty, distortion, noises, fonts, colors.

3. Very easy UI: just 3 main buttons to start recognition,
it so easy to use XEvil with a wide spectre of SEO/SMM, Analytics,
Mass Registering/Posting/Sending/Bruteforcing/CryptoCurrency Earning Software.

4. Changeable: logic of XEvil written with - easy language,
so if it's needed, you can modify functionality as you want.

Interested? ;)
just google for "XEvil for Free".
Free XEvil Demo version is available!

See you later! ;)


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It's very good service if it's true but does somebody checked it already ? Please do let me know all this. They all advertise it like it's some magical cure or something like that and in the end it simply do not work at all really. Please fix this issue for me.


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I do know that Google also released ReCaptcha 4.0 or at least plan to do so, what do you may say about that ? Are you with me here ? What do you want me to do ? Thanks for letting me know. Please share some prices here as well.


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You please tell me if it really works that way for you or not. How do I know that I need to see you alltogether with this. Can you please help with that matter anyway. I do not really recommend anything like that till the service will work and be tested.