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WeChat July Rewards Upto Rs 250

Discussion in 'Hot Deals & Offers' started by manis99, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. manis99

    manis99 ★★★★★★ ProActive

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    WeReward 2015-July (01 – 31 July)

    Congrats! You’ve got a FREE Balance of Rs. 250. All you’ve got to do to maintain & claim your balance is-

    Just share stickers in a new or existing group of friends daily till 25 th July.

    *Also DO NOT FORGET to check out & claim your 4 SURPRISE gifts this month, stay tuned to WeChat Team on 5 th , 10 th , 15 th and 20 th July. Tap on ‘My Balance’ & click open the balance message received on the above dates.


    You can maintain & claim your complete FREE balance of Rs.250 by doing the above on all days from 01 – 25 July. In case you join the program after 01 July, you will start with a lesser balance. Refer to the table below for details. Missing out on a day will result in deduction of Rs. 10 from your FREE balance. Please see below table for details.

    Activity Days Joining FREE balance (by performing activity first time)

    Daily deduction on non-completion of activity

    01-Jul 250 10 02-Jul 240 10 03-Jul 231 10 04-Jul 220 10 05-Jul 210 10 06-Jul 200 10 07-Jul 190 10 08-Jul 180 10 09-Jul 170 10 10-Jul 160 10 11-Jul 150 10 12-Jul 140 10 13-Jul 131 10 14-Jul 120 10 15-Jul 110 10 16-Jul 100 10 17-Jul 90 10 18-Jul 80 10 19-Jul 70 10 20-Jul 60 10 21-Jul 50 10 22-Jul 40 10 23-Jul 31 10 24-Jul 20 10 25-Jul 10 10 26-Jul 0 -

    You can check your balance daily by clicking on the Rewards>>My Balance

    When and how to redeem FREE balance?

    Redemption will be open from 11:00am on 26 July to 11:00pm on 31 July. You can choose from the following rewards.

    S.No. Rewards Free Balance required Voucher Details

    1 Citrus Rs.100 Get Rs.150 cashback on transaction of Rs.50

    2 Make My Trip Rs.60 TBD

    3 iPhone 6 Rs.50 3 iPhone-6 up for grabs!

    4 Trendin Rs.40 Get Rs.500 Off on a purchase of Rs.1999 or more.

    5 Savaari Rs.40 Get Rs.200 off on a transaction of Rs.1300 or more.

    6 Voylla Rs.30 Get Rs.100 off on a purchase of Rs.500 or more.

    7 Print Venue Rs.30 Get Rs.150 off on a purchase of Rs.499 or more.

    8 Trendin Rs.20 Get Rs.250 Off on a purchase of Rs.999 or more.

    9 Moto E (2 nd Gen) 4G Phone Rs.20 5 Moto E (2 nd Gen) Mobile phones up for grabs!

    10 Naaptol Rs.10 Get 20% off on shopping (max. discount of Rs.200).

    11 Ferns & Petals Rs.10 Rs. 100 off on purchase of Rs.500 or more.

    NOTE : You can redeem each reward only once in the offer period.
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  2. wmnitin

    wmnitin wanna rock again ? Staff Member Administrator ProActive

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    Only providing coupons :sad:

    They should provide free recharge also otherwise its waste
  3. sonicoolboy

    sonicoolboy ★★★★★

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    Dont have any active wechat group if you have any please give me password or join my 3636
  4. Ein$tieN

    Ein$tieN ★★★★★★★

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    Title should contain "worth 250" not "upto 250" as no cash / recharge type of reward, Everything is just coupons... :alcoholic:
  5. kapilajmera

    kapilajmera ★★★★★ ProActive

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    only coupons ! mean to redeem it we have to pay first ! if we redeem with some recharges then it would be nice :party:
  6. manis99

    manis99 ★★★★★★ ProActive

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    You don't need to pay. You get the coupon in exchange of reward points you earn viaa daily activity on wechat.
  7. manis99

    manis99 ★★★★★★ ProActive

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    Some of them are just too good. viz --- Get Rs.150 cashback on transaction of Rs.50 only.
    This is an awesome offer.

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