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why & how to create blog? for newbies

Discussion in 'Internet tips & tricks' started by sathishluvsatz, Feb 10, 2015.

  1. sathishluvsatz

    sathishluvsatz ★★★★

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    Why you need a blog?

    Normally people create a blog for
    making money.
    creates to show their talent.
    Creates to encourage other new
    comers .(Like us)
    To have a good name after our death.
    (Future talk)

    How to create a blog?

    The blog can be created on many sites but I suggest
    you two leading blogging passionate company.
    1. Blogger.com (FREE)
    2. Wordpress.com (FREE & PAID)
    Go to any of these top leading blogging
    website and sign up to create your own
    I mostly recommend every new comers
    to sign up for blogger.com , because it is
    very simple to create and use .
    Blogger.com will be always a initial
    point for any new people those who
    need a blog .
    But while comparing blogger.com ,
    wordpress.com have advanced features
    and have plugins to make our work
    Anyway blogger.com will suite every
    normal person who need a good start to
    make their own creation.
    (Note:You can also migrate your blogger.com data to
    wordpress in case you really need to switch to
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  2. wmnitin

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    Informative for newbies, Liked :troll5:

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