Airtel Premium Configs With Premium vpn and Proxy


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Hello Dj its our first thread here.So I am posting airtel premium configs with premium proxy and vpn for all dj's.We know that airtel blocks sims and caps speeds with Tcp tricks.But dont worry as using wisely will not cause any of these problems in your airtel sim.Also try to maintain little 3g balance so there is less chance of sim block.

Features of this trick

1.Speed 700-1 Mbps
2.Use wisely as there is sim block.
3.Apn to be used-,iphone
4.Https and Http supported.
5.Can be used in android phones.

Steps to use in PC

1.Download config from here.
2.Put the config files in nmdvpn config folder.
3.Run nmd as administartor.
4.Vpn will get connected in 7-8 secs and icon will turn green from red in system tray.