AiRTeL Proxy Trick with awesome fast loading homepage


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Many Airtel proxy trick takes a lot of time to load it's homepage. So, i am going to post this trick with fast homepage. Here checked this trick in Jharkhand. So, i am 100% sure that it will work in bh circle. And we very well know that tricks working here also work in UP (not checked) but i think it should work.

In many threads i had seen that they were getting 300+ kbps downloading speed in Jharkhand & Bihar, i was shocked because i get 2G speed here in Airtel reason is that airtel had minmised it's minimum balance to use zero rental pack from0 to 75Rs. But you get any SIM from any other state to get 3G speed as i had checked that with WB circle.

Use these proxy with port 80
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