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Bytebx.com your own premium account Free Free Free

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hi guys....:)
do you want download to torrent files directly by IDM?:v
with full speed and resumable ..:dance2:

so here i'm going to post this thread for bytebx premium account which convert torrent link into idm link with full speed and resume support:dance2::dance2::dance2:

download below link to get your own premium account of bytbx.com (°⌣°)
alternate link if above link not working then
If you like my work then hit on like :)
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[HIDE=250000]hi guys..
1.first register on bytebx.com with this link?
2.now activate your a/c from ur email
3.now check link from Refer a friend in bytebx a/c
4.you can see Your referral link:
5 copy this link and post it on blog..facebook and all other social sites
6. when u get 50 registation complete by your link then u will get your a/c premium for 14 days...full premium
7. its a slow process as u know
8. now m going to tell you that u can increase your link registation by fake email id...
9. go to https://www.guerrillamail.com and use email id for registation complete on ur link

thanks ..enjoy:)[/HIDE]​



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Aru u sure that this stays more than one day ?? My Premium -100 was gone in one day :D
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