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Call Timer Pro 2.55

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here is

Call Timer Pro 2.55

Control the usage of your Data/Calls/SMS of your plan besides configure alarms, auto hang-up and redial to the numbers where the first minutes are free, All in one app!!

:: Backed up by more than 1 million downloads in the free version.
:: Configurable to control plans of many carriers such as: Plan Telcel, Plan Telcel PLUS (NEW), Telcel 100, Telcel 300, Telcel 500, Telcel 1000), Movistar, Iusacell, Unefon, Comcel, Claro and more. Start saving money now!

Functions to control your plan:
:: MEXICO. Complete support for Plan Telcel Plus.
:: MEXICO. Intelligent Caller ID (company, city and type)
:: Real time information about plan usage.
::Set up alarms for the usage of your plan.
:: Display statistics of your plan.
:: Exclude free numbers in calls and sms from statistics.
:: Widgets.
:: Export Data Plan Register to Excel.

Functions for the free numbers:
:: Auto hang up.
:: Auto redial.
:: Configure alert times based on each contact.
:: Configure vibration alert.
:: Configure sound alert.
:: Fast dial from the app.
:: Status bar notifications.
:: Real time call tracking.
:: Configure the days the application is enabled.

More Info Link:

Not open for further replies.