Free Call For 14 Days


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From this you can call your friends for free. it is not a trick it is a service from fuzebox they are giving 14 days free trial. FuzeBox is a simple and sexy cloud-based, audio, video conferencing solution that makes it easy for anyone, anywhere, across any platform, on any mobile device to quickly and conveniently collaborate face-to-face.

Fuzebox is used by companies with big name for their commercial work but fuzebox is giving a free trial so take a benefit of it.

1. First go to
2. Signup for free trial by filling the form
3. After signing up verifying your email
4. Note down the two pins you received via email first one is moderator's pin and second one is attendee pin.
5. Now dial 0008000016688 (toll free)
After call is connected put the first code (moderator) using phone's key pad followed by hash (#)
6. Now wait (don't disconnect)
7. Tell your friend to dial 0008000016688(toll free)
8. Tell him to dial the second pin (attendee) once call is connected followed by hash (#)
9. Done! your call will be connected
Have fun with this free calling service for 14 days! :)