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Free Unlimited Calls On Any Network Using FuzeBox

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FuzeBox Features :
* Call unlimited from mobile2mobile without any application.
* FuzeBox also available on Ipad and Android.
* You can also make Video calls from your PC(For this S/W available on site)
* You can share File like Pdfs , images etc
* You can Make Multi Conferencing calls.

Steps to be followed :
* First you need to register on

* Now check your mail.You'll get two pins
>>Audio Conference Moderator Pin
>>Audio Conference Attendee Pin
* After that dial 0008000016688 (its tollfree number)
* After that enter your Moderator Pin.
* Then tell your friend to dial 0008000016688 and give him Attendee Pin and tell him/her to enter Attendee Pin.
* Once you connected you can talk to your friend unlimited.

This is 14 days trial , after that you can register with another email id to make free calls.I suggest you to use gmail dot trick so that you can use same mail id again and again.
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