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Hotspot shield VPN free for 1 Month on Android

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Hotspot shield VPN free on Android

Hotspot shield is already very popular VPN (IP Tunneling) Service provider which supports many ports and have their servers around the globe, Tricks Addicted user’s might be using Expact shield VPN or Freemynet VPN on hotpot Shield Servers. In Free version of Hotspot shield there is no bandwidth (downloading) Limit nor any speed limits but you will be bored of ads appearing on top of every webpage hence it is better to use the Premium Hotspot Shield Elite version an d now they are officially giving away free Elite version for 1 month on Android and iOS devices.
Features of Hotspot Shield VPN

  • No need to Root your Device, Works on Rooted and Non Rooted Device.
  • FREE VPN for your Android Device with Unlimited Bandwidth
  • More than 100 millions downloads worldwide
  • Supports Android 2.x/4.x OS
  • Secure and reliable VPN Services with digital data encryption
  • Supports multiple ports and Protocol
  • No Advertisements in Elite Version
How to get Hotspot Shield VPN free for 1 Month

The officially free trick works on only Android and iOS Devices, you won’t be able to use this method for Windows platform. grab this offer at earliest as they can end it anytime
  1. You will need to Download and install Hotspot VPN App on your Android or iOS Device
  2. Install it, Make sure you Un install any other VPN apps on your android Device
  3. Now launch the app, and TAP on restore purchase option
  4. Enter the code FREE and tap on submit button
  5. That’s All you have availed free Elite Hotspot Shield VPN for 1 month...:drinks::drinks::cool:
Not open for further replies.