Instantly Increase Your Ad Revenue. Make Rs. 1 per User per Day With Qureka Lite mWeb Quiz

Jul 17, 2020
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Here Is A Simple Solution To An Age Old Problem
App monetization is a problem that app developers have been facing since the medieval times. Now finally there is a simple and zero cost solution. With it app developers can achieve an average revenue 60p-80p per DAU (additional revenue if you are already monetizing). The deployment requires a simple web URL integration in the app. This highly engaging new revenue stream also leads to increased retention. The name is Qureka Lite

What is Qureka Lite and what does it do?
Qureka Lite is a mWeb version of Qureka app that can be easily deployed through URL integration onto the web/ mobile destinations. Qureka app is a top-rated interactive Quiz based game show app on play store with 15 mn+ installs in India, it offers non-monotonous fresh content like Quiz shows, prediction, casual games in innovative formats.

Making money using Qureka Lite is literally effortless and sky is the limit
The ad revenue generated on Qureka Lite is shared with the publishers on 50:50 basis. We target average revenue of 40p per DAU to begin with and grow it to Rs. 1 per DAU in a year’s time. Our publishers usually hit average revenue of 60p+ within one week of going live. So an app with 10,000 DAU’s can go from Rs. 1.2 Lacs of revenue in the first month to Rs. 3 Lac per month in a year’s time. The math is simple.

Engage users like never before. Once they are in they’ll stay for some time
Users play games (Quiz shows & prediction games) on Qureka Lite in your in app browser. The topics of these games range from news, sports, current affairs, entertainment, science, culture and more. Average time spent on these games per day is 25 mins – 30 mins per user because of their highly engaging nature.

It is literally money for nothing
All this comes at absolutely no costs not even hidden. Running cost, server cost and all other cost are borne by Qureka Lite. Money only flows in one direction – to the publisher

User engagement and monetization is a science and we have cracked it
With the backing of Indian Internet Giant – Times Internet, Cool Boots Media (Parent company of Qureka Lite) has become industry leader in user engagement and monetization. With a strong content team, category experts, robust gaming engine and content management algorithm at place the expertise extends to product and design management for a seamless integration flow and user experience.
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Oct 24, 2014
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Is it really working or do you have any proof of this ?
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