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NeW AirTel $im UnbLocKinG TriCK By Shubham Kanwaria

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Prasoon Kumar

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Hello Digital Mobile members,
My previous post of sim unblocking is not correctly posted by me. So I m sharing working method of sim unblocking.

So here is the trick-
[1] First recharge ur sim with Rs 9 2G pack.
[2] Then use some data of it.
[3] [Important] Don't use whole data.
[4] Then leave ur sim for 24-48 hrs.
[5] Then recharge ur sim with Rs 11 3G pack.
[6] Then use whole 3G data without connecting any VPN.
[7] Now after 3G data is over, check ur sim , Sim will be successfully unblocked.
[8] Now use any 3G trick on ur sim.
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