New Customized Dashboard for All ZTE Dongles



Customized Dashboard for All ZTE Dongles.

Customized Dashboard for All ZTE Features

  • Easy To Use
  • Inbuilt Settings for All Indian Operators
  • Works in All ZTE Modem’s and Dongles
  • Clean and Simple Layout.
  • Working with Vodafone K3770z
  • Directly Install in PC or laptop
  • No Need to Install it in Dongle
  • Can be modified Easily
How to Install this ZTE Dashboard ?

Installing this Customized Dashboard or All ZTE Dongles is much easy compared to other’s simple download it and Install it.
  1. Download Customized ZTE Dashboard
  2. Extract the file into any Folder
  3. Run, install it
  4. Now Plug in your ZTE Dongle,
  5. when the driers are installed, it will be deducted by the new Dashboard
  6. Simple Select your Network from Drop Down Menu
  7. No Need to edit any Access point, as it has all InBuilt
  8. Un-install old Chinese Dashboard.
  9. Enjoy!
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Aug 30, 2012
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u said its clean n clear but u have added the name alpesh valahi and its not generic its tata docomo dashboard if u have and generic dashboard with auto apn then upload it