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Opera Mini Next v7.10(32446) S60v3v5^3 Signed

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Opera Mini Next v7.10(32446) S60v3 v5 S^3 Anna Belle Signed


This update is mainly focused on improvement of downloading ability of the browser and the most awaited feature added is
Resume break download. Read what else new

In this release we focused on various download handling improvements in addition to further stability and bug fixes.

Here is a short list of what we've
prepared for you:

+ Possibility to rename files before download
+ Non-finished downloads are now preserved upon browser exit and can be resumed in the next browser session
+ Support for resuming of a failed download
+ Target folder is now saved for
each type of download (e.g. music, images or video)
+ Added warning dialog if download with the same filename already exists
+ Various improvements and
bug fixes for Speed Dial and Smart Page Localization updates
+ Connection stability improvements
+ Other bug- and stability fixes

Not open for further replies.