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OS Monitor v2.0.5

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OS Monitor v2.0.5
Requirements: Android 1.5+
Overview: OS Monitor is a small tool, let you monitor android system.

OS Monitor is a small tool, let you monitor android system.

Process - monitor all processes.
Network - show every network interface.
Connection - display every network connection (require Google Map )
Misc - monitor processor, battery and file system.
Message - check dmesg or logcat in real-time.

OS Monitor also support to show CPU usage in the statusbar, you could enable this feature from preferences.

! if you currently use an Android Tablet, you could use 'OS Monitor (for Tablet)', it is build for Tablet !

* if you want to help translate, please email to me. *

Whats New:
* fix nice function
* display PSS memory (thanks to Mike M'Cartney) (only support 2.0.1 above)
* display start time for each process (thanks to Mike M'Cartney)
* fix fc when press misc (thanks to Lucio Ferro)
* fix minor fc (thanks to everyone who give me feedback!)
* Translation
Brazilian Portuguese - Thanks to Alex Fiorani
Danish - Thanks to Kasper Kristensen

More Info:


Download Instructions:

Not open for further replies.