Power Task Manager v6.5


Jan 11, 2013
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Power Task Manager is the simplest, most convenient task manager .It can kill the apps in background and helps to save your battery and clean memory.
We do suggest people use it manually kill apps instead of auto killing apps.
Main feature :
-Ignore List
-Auto kill
-Automatic notification
-Usefull tools box

Why Power Task Manager ? Here are the reasons:
1: The main interface have no ads,and it's free.
2: It's so pretty simple that everyone can get started quickly.
3: It can easily help you to save battery and clean memory.

Our Goal:
We want to make Power Task Manager the best task manager app on the Android platform.
Thank you for your great support, and please give us a try and you'll find what you need!
Any feature requests or bug reports, please send directly to my email. You can see my email address below. I will try my best to reply to every email I receive.
If you like Power Task Manager, please rate it on the market to help more users find us.
Thank you

1.How to use it(for new users to quick start)?
Open this tool and uncheck some apps you dont't want to kill(such as Power task manager and some system apps) .Tap the button 'kill selected apps',it will kill all apps checked.

2.Why there are apps runing that i haven't used or even opened?
Some apps will start up by itself or be invoked by some events.If some app will always start up and this app you will never use then you can add it to auto kill list.

3.What is ignore list?
Ignore list is for you to ignore some apps you don't want to kill.Two method to add apps to ignore list:
1.Long press the app,pop up the operation dialog,and select the option of 'Add to Ignore List'
2.Click Menu-->Settings-->Set Ignored List,find in the all app list and click it.
Remove app from ignore list:
Click Menu-->Settings-->Set Ignored List,find in the Ignored List and click it.

4.What is auto kill list?
Auto kill list can help you to kill app automaticlly.You can set the 'Auto kill time interval' to control the frequency of auto kill.

5.What is notifaction mode?
Notifaction mode is the way to notify you when the running apps number is greater than the number you set in Menu-->Settings-->Max running app num.

6. Why my Home reloaded?
This is because some apps related with Home are killed. Such as 'HTC Sense', 'Mail'(if it is integrated with Home). You can ignore it instead of killing it.

Whats New:
1 Optimize the UI