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Welcome to Digital Janta forum.

Thread Posting Rules:
  1. Only English is allowed, If you use any Other Language, then we have power to delete your message without any Notice. (You can use any language in shoutbox)
  2. Referral links are allowed but you have to post non referral links too in same thread.
  3. Copy Paste is not allowed !
  4. No SPAM threads, Replies, Advertisement, Abusive language ,off-topic will be accepted in any case !
  5. [email protected], [email protected], Full Versions etc are not allowed !
  6. Respect every member, be humble while posting threads, replies or asking for help
  7. No third party group creation announcement is allowed like whatsapp, facebook etc.
Forum usage Rules:
  1. Multiple accounts are not allowed.
  2. Any activity used for increasing likes or post counts is not allowed.
Not following rules ? Get ready for Ban.
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